Dallin Stewart

Applied and Computational Math Undergraduate

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About Me

I am a senior in the Applied and Computational Math Emphasis (ACME) at Brigham Young University. I love to use computer science and math to understand the world around me, make predictions, and solve problems. In my free time I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee and all kinds of board games.

I started my college education as an electrical engineer. While I enjoyed my classes, I started to learn more about the possibilities that math enables like machine learning and data analysis. I had a hard time letting go of my plans to become an engineer, but I get so excited learning about the power that math has to teach a computer to learn and help us understand the world better that I knew I needed to change directions.

ACME is a unique and intensive intersection of advanced mathematics, statistics, and computer science designed to prepare people to solve 21st century problems. As the foundation for modern technology, a deep understanding of mathematics has enabled me to develop skills for successful algorithm design, effective data analysis, and creating innovative solutions to modern challenges.



Industry 4.0 Intern

Promoted communication with an Agile project request form in Python using rest API and custom UI. Ensured product compliance by automating country code correction with a fuzzy matching Python algorithm. Simplified product intake and reduced waste by collaboratively building the API backend for an Ignition app.

BYU Math Department

Research Assistant

Constructed prior distributions for landslide parameters with bayesian statistics and Gaussian Mixture modeling in Python to determine the source of the 1860 Indonesia tsunami with limited and uncertain data.

Wells Fargo

Intern Analyst

Optimized speed and accuracy by 20% for emission calculation with entity-matching algorithm analysis. Improved the tactical approach of the Climate Initiative Analytics team with a Python Levenshtein algorithm. Presented and coached name-matching techniques dozens of data analytics and business professionals.

CMG Financial

Post Closer

Improved data entry performance by proactively developing process automation software Uploaded documents and performed corresponding data entry thoroughly and efficiently

Arizona Tempe Mission

Program Director

Developed a CMS software to refer over 50 leads per day from Facebook to local representatives
Executed a $30,000 annual marketing strategy across 10 Facebook pages to improve conversion
Implemented a prescriptive dashboard with KPIs for lead conversions
Designed and published a website called
Performed weekly individual and group training to improve client relationships and performance
Built a free English class in 7 cities with 42 teachers, 150 students, and 7,000 followers in 8 months

Mexico Aguascalientes Mission

Financial Officer

I lived abroad in central Mexico for about a year where I learned to speak Spanish, communicate more effectively with people of different cultures, and lead and train in small groups. I was responsible for the program's budget of over half a million dollars, and redesigned the internal payment process reduce the reimbursement timeline from several weeks to less than a day. I was also in charge of evacuating over one hundred volunteers from Mexico in two weeks when the coronavirus pandemic began.


Brigham Young University

August 2018 - April 2024

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

I am studying mathematics in the Applied and Computational Math Emphasis with a minor in computer science. My classes focus on algorithms, optimization, mathematical analysis, deterministic modeling, modeling with uncertainty and data, statistics, and machine learning.

Awards and Accolades

Clubs and Activities

San Ramon Valley High School

Sept 2014 - May 2018

Graduated with Honors

I participated in Track and Cross Country, Leadership, and the Robotics Club and earned a 4.23 GPA.


Math Bytes Blog

Have you ever wondered about the real-world applications of applied mathematics? Despite its vast potential, this discipline remains an enigma to most people. In an effort to demystify it and showcase its power, I've created a blog documenting my journey through the intricacies of math and computer science.
Whether you're a curious learner or an aspiring mathematician, my blog provides insights into the limitless possibilities of applied mathematics and I'd love for you to check it out!

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Family Map App

The Family Map app provides a geographical view of your family history by plotting important events in your ancestors’ lives on a Google map.
This project uses a client/server architecture. The client is an Android app that lets a user view and interact with their family history data, and the server is a Java program that runs in the cloud. When users login, the client app retrieves the user’s family history data from the server, which maintains accounts and dispenses family history data.

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Car Data Web Scraper

This project, affectionately named Casper, is a python program that uses selenium to gather used car sales data online from local retailers including AutoTrader, CarsDirect, CarGuru, Carvana, Lowbook, and KSL. As of the most recent update, Casper only searches for cars in the Provo, Utah area. After gathering data, Casper scores each car on how good of a deal the sale is and generates a CSV report of the current market in addition to the market history since November 2022 when I first began the project.

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Virtual Assistant

The Language Interpretation and Learning Assistant (Lila) is a customized virtual assistant built to automate repetitive tasks through natural language commands. Lila is capable of providing information about the user's computer and relevant to their location, as well as interacting with files and folders on the computer. Lila can also use APIs and the internet to perform searches, answer questions, and interact with google apps.

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Vehicle Analytics Dashboard

The Advanced Vehicle Analytics application (A.V.A.) for the 2023 BYU Formula E club is a dashboard that displays vehicle and driving data collected from an array of sensors that record everything from tire speed to steering wheel angle of an electric race car. In addition to providing advanced analytics and feedback, A.V.A. visualizes driving information in a format that makes it easy to understand and gain insight from the data.

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Celebrity Lookalike

I built this program with Jeff Hansen and Benjamin McMullin over the course of 24 hours for the 2023 YHack competition where we won the award for Best AI. This project uses OpenCV to detect faces, compare them to a database of faces of celebrities we scraped from the internet, estimate your age and gender with OpenCV, and then tell a story about you and your celebrity twin uses GPT-3.

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Datalog Compiler

Over the course of a semester in 2019 I built a Datalog Scanner, Parser, Relational Database, Datalog interpreter and then optimized the rule evaluation that together compile Datalog code using discrete structures theory.

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